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愛樂。詩人 專訪系列

05/06-07/01起每周三晚上9:00-10:00 Facebook 線上直播


05/06 許綺娟 Chi Chuan Hsu & Guitar Couple 吉他伴侶
05/13 王翰
05/20 劉桓吟 Huan-Yin Liu 
05/27 曾仲瑋 Robin Tseng
06/03 有感覺樂團 有感覺 肥肥Fei
06/10 謝維倫 Hsieh Wei Lun 
06/17 Vicky 陳忻玥
06/24 江松霖
07/01 劉雲平



市價NT$2280 元 Ayers代理品牌奧昇黑檀木一名(備 1 位)
市價NT$2280 元 Ayers代理品牌奧昇牛骨一名(備 1 位)
市價NT$2200元 Ayers黑色琴袋一名(備 1 位)
市價NT$1500元 Ayers實木樂器架一名(備 1 位)
市價NT$1350元 Ayers15呎導線一名(備 1 位)
市價NT$950元 Ayers10呎導線一名(備 1 位)


What is T-Line Tech.?


Ayers  Awesome Device & T-Line Seminar

  In the middle of 2019, Ayers has started the journey of Awesome&T-Line Seminar, held three seminars in a month. Having a good response in Taipei、Hsinchu and Miaoli city. The special part from this seminar was that we encouraged everyone to get a closer look to our investor of Awesome Device&T-line Tech when he was correcting the nut for T-line Tech. Also, we invited a Taiwanese famale finger guitarist  to perform. 

  The other theme in this seminar was our Custom Guitar  Introduction, we have helped many people to have their own dream guitar. Making a special guitar which only belongs to you is our main goal. If you are interested in having your name on the fingerboard or having your own designed pattern on the top/back or even the head. Don't hesitate to contact us. Asking the specs for your combination price doesn't cost one cent.

 Ayers Attended Tokyo Handcraft Guitar Festival

  Ayers Japan agents set up booths here as well. Combined with the eye-catching performances of foreign guitarist-Casper Esmann, the whole atmosphere was fulled of joy and attracted many people's interest. There were also many famous finger style guitarist performing on the stage.  Ayers, selected a few good pieces of wood on the spot and brought them back to the Vietnam factory for research and development use, and continued to create the best voice to give back to the friends of the guitar lovers.


  In this strict Japanese market, we are gradually expanding the Japanese's trust in our Ayers handmade guitars, and also gaining their trust in the high-end Custom Guitars. The Japanese agent, Mr. Niioka, has given great efforts and more, went to the factory directly to check the quality by himself, and gained the secure foothold in Japanese market. 



  It was a crucial and formal Ayers & Awesome Device signing agreement event. For these two new techs from Taiwan, connecting them into our Ayers- Awesome Series Guitars, we invited five guitar players to come to our stage to perform our guitars. To show how will these two new Tech. sound like when they combine together. 


  Mr. Lu , the inventor of Awesome Device & T-Line Tech. talked about how will  the Awesome Device work by showing the spectrogram from the studio and see how does T-line Tech being made and understand the principle of it . 

Awesome Device Photos

Ayers Distributed Awesome Device

Ayers is the sole agent for Awesome in Taiwan. The obvious effect of Awesome Device makes it to be loved by many guitar players and also expanding to overseas. Currently, China、Hong Kong and Japan are distributing this product.

Using the mixture materials to make the rings and creating geometric size for pins,  Awesome maximizes the sound by dynamics method. It took Mr. Lu 4-5 years to complete.



Ayers 2019 New Product Launch Event-Awesome Device & T-Line Tech. Explanation



Awesome Device-Product Introduction Video

How to have your own  Ayers Custom Guitar?